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Triple - Speed - balsa KIT - 178cm - Aeronaut

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Triple - Speed - balsa KIT - 178cm - Aeronaut
  • Triple - Speed - balsa KIT - 178cm - Aeronaut
  • Triple - Speed - balsa KIT - 178cm - Aeronaut
  • Triple - Speed - balsa KIT - 178cm - Aeronaut
  • Triple - Speed - balsa KIT - 178cm - Aeronaut
31 340 Ft
Triple - Speed - balsa KIT - 178cm - Aeronaut
  • Triple - Speed - balsa KIT - 178cm - Aeronaut

    Glide comfortably in the thermals, start with the rubber rope and at one
    RES contest or to celebrate a lively aerobatic flight - all this goes with "Triple".
    This completely newly developed model concept offers a shapely fuselage with V-tail (can be installed either as glider or electric glider - both versions are included in the kit) and three different wingspans. All wings can be attached to the fuselage as desired. Without tools, with strong magnetic protection. Thus, a quick change is also possible on the airfield.

    The Triple comes in 3 versions:

    "Triple speed" has 178 cm wingspan, a simple V shape and long ailerons. The profile has a straight base and allows for fast flights and glorious sailing.
    "Triple R.E.S." has 199 cm wingspan as well as a higher V shape than the "Triple thermic". Compliant with the RES contrasts, the model is controlled only by side and height rudders as well as spoilers.
    "Triple thermic" has 255 cm wingspan and is equipped with ailerons and spoilers. The profile is designed for thermal flights and gives the model good-natured and powerful flight performance.
    As for the fuselage you have two options. The glider fuselage offers the best aerodynamic properties due to its slim design. The fuselage for electric motors is only slightly wider in the front area, can comfortably accommodate a 28mm dia. brushless outrunner motor and offers space for a 3s LiPo up to approx. 2,000 mAh. Both the fuselages have the detachable cab cover with magnet securing and fuselage covers on the upper and lower side, behind which the servos for the V-tail are hidden.
    This means you can choose one of six (6!) Variants before you build it, and the three options of the interchangeable surfaces remain open with a built-in hull. Or you extend your model collection by a further triple and build both versions of the hull. Six models with the lowest investment - a novelty on the model market.
    No matter what you choose, all models are built entirely in wood and follow the aero-naut proven principle of model building. The fuselage is made of plywood and balsa. The innovative plug-in system allows quick and warp-free assembly. Also the V-tail is assembled from lasered parts and glued on an extra-enclosed Helling. The wings are constructed in ribbed construction, have continuous pine bars with grooves, so that the construction on every level building board is quick and easy. The end skirting is also grooved, so that nothing can be done wrong with the position of the ribs. This makes it possible for beginners in wood model construction to come quickly to their own, perfectly built and well-flying model.
    The kit is also ideal for youth work and for joint construction projects in clubs.

    Kit contents:

    The model kit contains all laser-cut wooden parts for constructing the model, pine bars, rudder deflections and bowden cables, various small parts. A detailed illustrated construction manual in the proven aero-naut 3D-style leads to the fast farming success.

    Required Accessories (NOT INCLUDED):

    Remote control with at least 4 channels
    Motor: brushless, Ø 28 mm, from approx. 150 watts
    Battery: 2-3s Lipo, 1300-2000 mAh (depending on engine / propeller) max. Dimensions up to approx. 80 x 35 x 25mm
    Controller: from 18A (depending on engine / propeller / battery)
    CAMcarbon Folding screw: ca.9x5 "-12x7" (depending on motor / battery)
    CN-Spinner Ø 30 mm with center piece
    Servo: 2 (4) 8-13 g max. 11,5mm for V-tail and ailerons
    2x 8-10g max. 10mm for brake flaps

    Best suited for advanced model builders and pilots
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