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Twinspeedy 1210 mm Aeronaut

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Twinspeedy 1210 mm Aeronaut
  • Twinspeedy 1210 mm Aeronaut
27 490 Ft

Twinspeedy 1210 mm Aeronaut

Producer/Distributor: Aeronaut Modellbau GmbH
Producer/Distributor item number: 1319-01

Twinspeedy is an electric glider consisting of high-density foam components, and is extremely highly pre-fabricated.
It offers superb flying characteristics and straightforward handling thanks to its low weight and V-tail.
Twinspeedy is designed for three-axis control (ailerons, elevator, rudder). Additional strengthening members from carbon in the fuselage and spars in the wing produce a very strong airframe.
The model is designed to accept two motors of size Race 400 (Speed 400) with max. d 28 mm. They operate in pusher mode and are very effective, giving the model a high airspeed with good pulling power.
Next to thermal-soaring the model is equally capable of impressive high-speed passes.

Twinspeedy Link: RC-Groups Forum:

Twinspeedy video Link - Vimeo:

  • Twinspeedy 1210 mm Aeronaut

    Wing loading [g / dm] 42
    Weight [g] 700
    Length [mm] 950
    Span [mm] 1210
    Wing area [dm] 17
    RC functions elevators, ailerons, motor control - optional: rudder (V-mixer needed)

    Needed to complete:
    2x brushless motor (max d. 28mm) approx 50-70g
    2x BL control from 20 A
    3-4x Servos 8-13g
    1x Lipo 2s - 3s (depending on setup)
    min. 4 channel remote control system
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