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A7020 Digital Wing Servo 3,6kg 14,5g - Spektrum

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A7020 Digital Wing Servo 3,6kg 14,5g - Spektrum
12 640 Ft
A7020 Digital Wing Servo 3,6kg 14,5g - Spektrum
  • A7020 Digital Wing Servo 3,6kg 14,5g - Spektrum

    Digital performance and excellent torque in a very small size
    Designed to fit in very thin wings.
    Ultra-thin design
    50 oz-in torque rating
    Durable metal gears

    The Spektrum A7020 digital thin-wing servo offers a metal gear train, great speed and an incredible 50 oz-in of torque. Perfect for any aircraft requiring a thin-wing servo, its minuscule 10mm thickness can be concealed in the smallest of places yet still be very strong. It will do an outstanding job of actuating the control surfaces of a sailplane wing with the speed, durability and accuracy demanding of today’s soaring experts.

    The A7020 is engineered to produce maximum performance in a small footprint. To get the most out of a sport sailplane or to lead the pack in a competition, the A7020 is ideal and an outstanding value.

    Bearing: Dual
    Bushing Or Bearing: Bearing
    Gear Type: Metal
    Motor Type: Coreless
    Servo Type: Digital
    Servo Voltage: 4.8–6.0V
    Speed: 0.11 sec/60º @ 4.8V; 0.09 sec/60º @ 6.0V
    Torque: 47 oz-in (3.4 kg-cm) @ 4.8V; 50 oz-in (3.6 kg-cm) @ 6.0
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