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Servo Digital HV 3288 BB MG 22g Graupner

Not available anymore! Production discontinued.
Stock: Out of stock
Servo Digital HV 3288 BB MG 22g Graupner

Servo Digital HV 3288 BB MG Graupner Producer: Graupner Producer item number: 5218 With its slim Case , superb positional accuracy, enormous power and tremendous speed this digital servo is the perfect wing-mounted servo for your model aircraft.

  • Servo Digital HV 3288 BB MG Graupner The precision-made twin-ballraced metal gear guarantees outstanding precision even under competition conditions (thanks to the unbelievably low gear play). The new arrangement of mounting lugs makes this servo a highly flexible unit for mounting in wings. The perfect solution for confined spaces. 2 x ball bearings Metal gearbox Specification Technical Specifications Operating time 6.0V approx .: 0.13 sec / 40 ° Weight approx .: 22 g Rotation range with trim approx .: 2 x 45 ° Operating time 7.4 V approx .: 0.11 sec / 40 ° Empty Current consumption approx .: 10 mA Aligning torque 6.0V approx .: 35 Ncm Dimensions approx .: 30 x 11 x 29 mm Aligning torque 7.4V approx .: 43 Ncm Storage: Storage bb2x Replacement gearbox: 5218.2 Transmission: Transmission mgpg Operating voltage: 6.0 ... 8.5 V Neutral pulse: 1.5 ms Max. Operating frequency: 3.0 / 333 ms / Hz

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    Not available anymore! Production discontinued.