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Skysurfer V2 2,4 Ghz RTF 2,4 Ghz Graupner

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Skysurfer V2 2,4 Ghz RTF 2,4 Ghz Graupner
  • Skysurfer V2 2,4 Ghz RTF 2,4 Ghz Graupner
  • Skysurfer V2 2,4 Ghz RTF 2,4 Ghz Graupner
40 690 Ft
Skysurfer V2 2,4 Ghz RTF 2,4 Ghz Graupner

Producer/Distributor: Graupner SJ GmbH
Producer/Distributor item number: 92210.v2

The Skysurfer 2.4 RTF with 2.4GHz remote control is 90% preassembled and is therefore an excellent model for beginners who want to learn about remote control technology. However, even old pros will have fun with its unique flight characteristics. All you need to do is attach the canopy, charge the battery, and let the fun begin!

  • Skysurfer V2 2,4 Ghz RTF 2,4 Ghz Graupner

    ◾Designed for drive batteries with 7.2-7.4V, 1000mAh to 1500mAh
    ◾Electronic speed controller
    ◾Right/left steering via a proportional servo with attached steering lines to the canopy
    ◾Very light model suitable for conditions of calm to light winds
    ◾Tricycle landing gear for takeoff (pros) and landing
    ◾As a rule, the model should be started by hand against the wind; ground takeoff is possible only with a helper
    ◾Reinforced canopy with a wingspan of 1260 mm and a width of 460 mm
    ◾The Sky Surfer 2.4 ARTF is a very stable flyer. After just a short learning phase, the model can be steered reliably. The flight time with one battery charge is about 10 - 20 minutes, depending on the type of battery. Using the 2.4 GHz remote control ensures trouble-free operation. Once in the air, the Sky Surfer 2.4 is a glorious, unique and impressive sight.
    ◾All you need to finish the model are a flight battery, the transmitter batteries and a matching charger.

    RC functions

    Climb/dive via motor speed


    RC system: 2,4 GHz 2 Kanäle
    All-up weight, approx.: 600 g
    Total surface area, approx. : 51,6 dm²
    Hull length, approx. : 220 mm
    Overall length, approx.: 430 mm
    Wingspan approx.: 1200 mm
    Overall height approx.: 900 mm

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