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Futaba T10J - R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS

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Futaba T10J - R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS
  • Futaba T10J - R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS
  • Futaba T10J - R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS
  • Futaba T10J - R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS
  • Futaba T10J - R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS
  • Futaba T10J - R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS
  • Futaba T10J - R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS
  • Futaba T10J - R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS
109 990 Ft
T10J-R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS Remote control set

Producer: Futaba

Fully expanded ten-channel hand-held transmitter with integral telemetry function, exploiting 2.4 GHz T-FHSS® frequency-hopping technology.
  • T10J-R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS Remote control set

    The new Futaba 10J radio utilises the very latest T-FHSS transmission technology to offer a full 10 channel system combined with sophisticated telemetry, the telemetry transmission of the signal strength, receiver battery voltage and external battery voltage being built-in to the matching R3008SB receiver, whilst further sensors from Futaba’s wide range can be added as required. As standard the telemetry data is displayed on the 10J’s large LCD screen, but audio output is also available via an earphone (not supplied). This extremely sophisticated system is supplied complete with transmitter battery and delta peak charger as well as the full range R3008SB receiver which has 8 conventional outputs, or a full 10 through the S-Bus or S-Bus 2 outputs, the 10J also including an S-Bus servo programming function. With no less than 30 model memories, the 10J also features a model memory transfer function, where a model memory can be wirelessly transferred to or from another 10J transmitter, or from an 8J, a real boon for those with multiple models/transmitters. As the 10J also includes S-FHSS transmission, all of the current FHSS air receivers can be used, ranging from the micro 6 channel R2106GF through to the 8 channel R2008SB. The 10J has extremely powerful mixing functionality, with 16 aircraft, 17 helicopter and 13 glider mixes being built-in, but on top of this there are six freely programmable mixers.

    • 30 Model Memory
    • Telemetry of signal strength, Rx battery voltage and external voltage as standard
    • Wide range of optional telemetry sensors available
    • Large 128 x 64 dot LCD w/LED Backlight
    • T-FHSS and S-FHSS transmission modes
    • Aircraft, Helicopter and Glider mixing functions
    • S-Bus/S-Bus 2 servo programming function
    • Model Memory transfer function
    • Telemetry audio via earphone (earphone not included)
    • Rechargeable Tx Battery and Charger
    • Alarm/Warning function
    • Two circuit Timer
    • Auxiliary Channels Selectable
    • Six Programmable Mixers
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    F4109 - P-CB10J/LEU
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