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Product Details

Skysport T4YF 2.4 GHz Futaba FHSS - Mode 1 or 2

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Skysport T4YF 2.4 GHz Futaba FHSS - Mode 1 or 2
  • Skysport T4YF 2.4 GHz Futaba FHSS - Mode 1 or 2
  • Skysport T4YF 2.4 GHz Futaba FHSS - Mode 1 or 2
38 490 Ft
Skysport T4YF 2.4 GHz Futaba FHSS

Skysport T4YF 2.4 GHz FHSS M2
4-channel-manual-transmitter on 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping Technology (FHSS), for controlling model aircraft, boats and cars.
  • Skysport T4YF 2.4 GHz Futaba FHSS


    Weight approx.: 595 g
    Channel grid: 1500

    Delivery includes:

    1 Skysport T4YF 2.4 GHz FHSS transmitter
    1 R2004GF 2.4 GHZ FHSS receiver
    Manual - English

    Product Details:

    No crystals, no frequency selection, and highest protection against same-channel interference. With Spread Spectrum-Modulation, Frequency-Hopping as well as Tx to Rx binding, it is practically interference free.

    Handy 4-Channel transmitter for controlling models with up to 4 channels. The transmitter is equipped with a built-in mixer for flying delta or wing-only models (Sportwing, Miniwing, etc.).

    •A Trainer module is installed as standard, making it easier for the newcomer to learn the art of raNut control. The trainer system is compatible with all transmitters in the robbe-Futaba remote control product range with micro 6-pole-connection. The Skysport T4YF-transmitter can therefore also be used as a pupil transmitter for high-performance computer systems.
    •Almost all commonly available flight simulators can be attached to the L/S-socket.
    •The external Servo-reverse switches for all 4 channels make it simple to swtich over the servo direction, which makes building the servo into the model considerably simpler.
    •Die Power is supplied by 4 Mignon cells.
    •The transmitter is equipped with a recharge unit, which makes it easy to recharge the transmitter battery.
    •Thanks to the low energy consumption of only 77 mA the 2500 mAh battery included in the set provides a running time of almost 20 hours.
    •The 2.4 GHz receiver included in the set, with its compact shape, is well suited for use with model cars, aircraft or boats.
    •By using the 2.4 GHz technology, it is very resistant to disruptions and electrical smog in the model.
    •Not recommended for large-scale model aircraft and jets.
    •Range: approx. 1,000 m


    •Low-voltage alarm
    •Servo reverse
    •Servo end-point adjustment (EPA)
    •Stick mode 1 or 2 (pre-set by selecting the fitting set)

    Please select your stick mode before ordering!
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