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PeliCam ARF 200cm ACME

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PeliCam ARF 200cm ACME
48 390 Ft
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PeliCam ARF 200cm ACME

Pelicam | Pelicam




  • PeliCam ARF 200cm ACME

    The FPV-glider with the huge wingspan.

    The big glider with strong brushless pusher drive is just ideal for video recordings and for long gliding flights! Ideal protected by the thermoformed plastic hull of the sailors is extremely stable and brings incomparable plenty of space inside with. Ideal for camera equipment, video transmitter, GPS, etc.

    His docile handling with good climb rate and excellent gliding qualities makes the Pelicam the popular flyer for advanced beginners with first flight experience and even for professionals. You can start this RC model right from your hand and as soon as the powerful drive has ensured sufficient altitude, the Pelicam is completely in his element.

    The flaps are placed slightly down and slightly pulling like a feather in circles on the upswing by then with breathtaking aerobatic maneuvers his height to decrease. With made up flaps is also landing a cinch. Here, the Pelicam is always well controlled.

    All components - motor, controller, servos (6 pcs)- are pre-installed in this model - only wings and tail must still be fixed to the fuselage.


    Wingspan: 2000 mm
    Length: 1160 mm
    Weight: approx. 1050 g
    Color: White foam, decals applied
    Camera: YES (optional)
    Material - Fuselage: Thermoformed plastic (suitable etc for installing additional components, such as cameras, FPV.)
    Material - Wings + elevator: EPO carbon reinforced
    Propeller: 9 x 4" (230 x 102 mm) (included)
    Motor: brushless (included)
    ESC: 30A Brushless (included) - T/Deans plug
    Channel requirements: min. 5
    Servos: Aileron 2x, Elevator 1x, Rudder 1x, Flaps 2x - all included
    Battery: Lipo 11.1V (3S) 1800-3000mAh (not included)
    Application: Outdoor
    Motor running time with 2200mAh Lipo: approx. 10 min.
    Recommended age: 18+
    Bulidng time: approx. 30-40 minutes
    Pilot type: Advanced Beginners - Professional

    To complete you still need (not included):

    Remote controll system with min. 5 channels (ideal 6 or more) incl. receiver
    Flight battery - Lipo 11.1V (3S) 1800-3000mAh
    Charger for flight battery
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