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TwinStar 2 kit 1420 mm ND (new design) - Multiplex

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TwinStar 2 kit 1420 mm ND (new design) - Multiplex
32 990 Ft

TwinStar 2 kit 1420 mm ND (new design) - Multiplex


TwinStar flying is simply tremendous fun, especially when a bunch of "hot-shots” are flying together. Fly tight circuits at low level until one wingtip grazes the ground, compete against each other for maximum loops in a limited time, practise precision spot-landings just for the fun of it - the list of possible exploits is simply infi nite. Nevertheless, this model is very easy to fly, and even advanced beginners manage perfectly well with it. Sheer pleasure of flying and the confi dence-boost of a successful model - it’s all here for a modest outlay, and - perhaps even more importantly - without any great need for time spent in the workshop. In no time at all the model is fi nished, and you’re ready for the flying field. If you wish, you can download a flight simulator from our website at no charge, and carry out a little practice before your first "real” flight.



  • TwinStar 2 kit 1420 mm ND (new design) - Multiplex

    Kit contents:
    All moulded parts and small items, GRP wing joiner, Decal sheet, Comprehensive instructions, 2 x Alu motor mounts

    Additionally required:
    Brushless powerset Antriebssatz   item no.: 332621 or 332619

    4x 16g servo (such as HS-81)

    2,4 GHz remote controll set with min. 4 channels

    Key features

    • Outstanding flight performance (low power requirement)
    • Time-honoured, high-strength Elapor for a robust airframe
    • Two-part wing for ease of transport
    • Fast to assemble (no wooden parts)
    • Screw-fitting motor installation for simple upgrade
    • Wide battery choice from NiMH to LiPo (generous battery compartment)

    Replacement Parts

    Canopy-Lock (2 pair)
    Item No.: 725136

    Wings fixing 1 pair TS II
    Item No.: 723134

    Pushrod connector 2 pcs.
    Item No.: 703455

    Wing joiner TwinStar II
    Item No.: 723191

    Canopy Twin Star II
    Item No.: 224171

    Small parts set TwinStar II
    Item No.: 224174

    Plastic cheesehead screws M5x50, 10 pcs.
    Item No.: 713340

    Tail set TwinStar II
    Item No.: 224173

    Motor Mount for Permax 400 (1pc.)

    Item No.: 332699

    Propeller MPX 5,0x4,0" / 12,7x10,2cm
    Item No.: 724279

    Fuselage shells + snakes Twin Star II
    Item No.: 224170

    Wing panels TwinStar II
    Item No.: 224172

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    Multiplex Modellsport Gmbh
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