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Slick X360 4D Indoor 86 cm KIT - Multiplex

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Slick X360 4D Indoor 86 cm KIT - Multiplex
  • Slick X360 4D Indoor 86 cm KIT - Multiplex
24 190 Ft
Slick X360 4D Indoor 86 cm KIT - Multiplex
  • Slick X360 4D Indoor 86 cm KIT - Multiplex

    The MULTIPLEX Slick X360 is the perfect introduction to the world of 4D aerobatics.

    The Slick X360 has set new standards in the aerobatic scene in recent seasons. This proved you successfully in numerous competitions. Developed and tested by renowned competition pilots, Multiplex has created a model that is absolutely convincing with its flight characteristics. Due to the enlarged rudder flaps in comparison to the standard version and the 2mm thinner EPP, you get a fully 4D capable model, which delivers a strong performance even without thrust reversal.

    Technical specifications:

    Model Type: 3D / Indoor
    Material: EPP
    Span in mm: 860
    RC functions: rudder / elevator / ailerons (1 servo) / motor
    Flight weight in grams: approx. 185
    Flight time in minutes: approx. 6
    Battery types / cells: 2-3S LiPo
    Construction time in min .: approx. 180

    Necessary accessories (NOT INCLUDED):

    2x 4-6g servos (e.g., Hitec HS-40) for rudder and elevator
    1x 8-10g servo (e.g., Hitec HS-55 or HB-65) for ailerons
    Engine: about 15-20g brushless outrunner d: 28mm, 1000-1200 kv
    Prop: GWS 9x3.8 - 9x4.7
    Regulator: brushless, 2-3s, 12 - 18 A
    Battery: Lipo 2-3s, about 300 - 400 mAh
    Remote control with at least 4 channels

    Adhesive (superglue), craft knife, div. Tool
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