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DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe

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DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe
  • DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe
  • DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe
  • DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe
  • DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe
  • DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe
  • DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe
  • DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe
  • DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe
  • DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe
163 900 Ft
DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe

The full-size
This machine is extremely popular amongst glider pilots, and was produced in several versions. The wingspan of the 17 m version of the DG 600 can be increased, and winglets can be fitted. The DG 600 with winglets is also flown in the 18-metre contest class.

The model
Our model can also be increased in span from 2.7 to 3.2 m by fitting the winglets included in the set. The DG 600 with the larger wings and the S3021 airfoil is designed primarily for circling in thermals. In this configuration the model offers very good handling and excellent thermalling characteristics. With the shorter plug-in tip panels and a wingspan of 2.7 m the glider can also be flown in strong winds, and is suitable for aerobatics.
  • DG 600 2.7-3.2m GFK Robbe

    The model is supplied with the final finish already applied. The wings are produced in a mould, and are supplied with the ailerons cut out. Both pairs of winglets are included in the set, and either pair can be fitted to the standard wings. The wing joiner system is already installed in the fuselage. The tailplane and rudder are also supplied as GRP mouldings. The clear canopy is supplied already bonded to the frame. The final work required to complete the model is essentially limited to the installation of the receiving system components.


    Total surface area: 35 / 38 dm2 (with winglets)
    Wing loading: 42 / 40 g/dm2 (with winglets)
    Wing airfoil: S-3010 – 3020
    Length approx.: 1270 mm
    All-up weight approx.: 3000 g
    Wingspan approx.: 2700 mm / 3270 mm (with winglets)
    Scale: 01:05,5

    RC functions



    •GRP fuselage with white-pigmented gelcoat
    •Ready-made GRP wing panels, CFRP-reinforced
    •GRP rudder and tailplane
    •Two pairs of GRP winglets
    •Vacuum-moulded canopy bonded to frame, trimmed to fit fuselage recess
    •Factory-fitted canopy latch
    •Vacuum-moulded seat shell
    •Pre-cut self-adhesive stickers
    •Wing joiners, linkage components and various small hardware items
    •Multi-lingual illustrated instructions
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    Robbe Modellsport Gmbh
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