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Junkers JU 52 Lufthansa ARF 1630mm - VQ Models

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Junkers JU 52 Lufthansa ARF 1630mm - VQ Models
  • Junkers JU 52 Lufthansa ARF 1630mm - VQ Models
65 990 Ft
Junkers JU 52 Lufthansa ARF 1630mm - VQ Models

  • Junkers JU 52 Lufthansa ARF 1630mm - VQ Models

    The Junkers JU-52 is also affectionately called "Auntie Ju" and came originally from the Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG in Dessau, Germany. Originally designed as a cargo plane designed, the JU 52 was later used predominantly as a commercial airliner.
    This aircraft had the typical tripple-motor setup and the outer skin was made of corrugated aluminum.

    The model has been designed for modern electric drives and based on the original plans featuring detailed finishing.

    Technical specifications

    Wingspan = 1630mm
    Length = 1070mm
    Weight = 2300g (ready to fly)
    RC = 5 channel / 6 servos
    Control functions = rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps and motor controller
    Motorization = 3x Brushless Motor

    Short description

    * ARF model in light wood construction (lasercut)
    * Very short assembly time, everything is prefabricated
    * Ready made finishing with highly detailed quality film
    * Wing 2 pcs. with aluminum tube joiner
    * Finish cut and painted hoods
    * Low-wing aircraft with uncritical flight characteristics
    * Robust building
    * Including small parts such as wheels, pushrods, etc.

    Needed accessories (not included)

    - Drive battery: LiPo battery 3s 2650 - 4000mAh, 11.1V, min. 25C
    - 6x Servo 8-13 g approx.23 x 12 x 25mm
    - 3x BL Motor d: 28 mm Kv 900-1100, 50-60g
    - 3x BL controller 20A
    - Fernsteuerungsset with min. 5 canals
    - Charger for flight battery
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