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Extreme Flight Extra 300 70" 178cm

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Extreme Flight Extra 300 70" 178cm
191 390 Ft
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Extreme Flight Extra 300 70" 178cm

Extra 300-70" 1,78m - red/blue/yellow item no.: 70000889

Whether flown fast and aggressive or low and slow, the Extra remains stable, agile and completely predictable, allowing you to perform at your best with complete confidence.

Designed for 1700-2000 Watt power systems and 6S, 7S, or 8S LiPo batteries, or 26-30cc gas engines, the Extra provides the presence and performance of much larger aircraft on a significantly reduced budget. With the proliferation of quality budget battery packs, one can purchase multiple packs at very reasonable costs and fly virtually non-stop during each visit to the field!
  • Extreme Flight Extra 300 70" 178cm

    The Extra features interlocking laser cut construction with carbon fiber reinforcement to provide a light weight yet strong airframe.
    A carbon fiber main gear and tailwheel assembly as well as carbon fiber wing and stab tubes are standard features.
    2 new high visibility Ultracote color schemes are available and the matching fiberglass cowl and wheel pants are expertly painted in a high gloss showroom quality finish.
    The canopy/hatch is ready to use out of the box and is retained with a spring loaded hatch latch.
    A comprehensive hardware package of top notch quality is included as well as a decal set to customize your Extra.
    Also included are a set of wing bags and canopy cover as well as a set of Side Force Generators which greatly enhance yaw authority and stability.

    Recommended setups:

    6S Setup
    •A60-6XS 28pol
    •Master Spin 125-opto optional Jeti SBEC
    •XOAR E 22x10 propeller
    •TopFuel Lipo 20-30C ~4500mAh 6S

    8S Setup
    •A60-5S 28pol + XOAR 21x10 or A60-20S V2 + APC-E 22x10
    •Master Basic 90-OPTO
    •2x TopFuel 20-30C ~4500mAh 4S

    Spinner: d: 78mm

    2x Hitec HS5245 or HS225MG (elevator)
    2x Hitec HS5245 (ailerons)
    1x SAVÖX SC-1257TG (rudder)


    Wingspan approx. 1,78m
    Length approx. 1,78m
    Weight approx. 4,3 - 4,76kg
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    Extreme Flight
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