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STILL Pylon Racer ARF 100 cm - Topmodel CZ

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STILL Pylon Racer ARF 100 cm - Topmodel CZ
51 690 Ft
STILL Pylon Racer ARF 100 cm - Topmodel CZ
  • STILL Pylon Racer ARF 100 cm - Topmodel CZ

    The Still Racer is a great little machine to enjoy fast flying.
    The airfoil used as well as the concepts applied give the model a excellent flight characteristics and high performance.
    Thanks to aerodynamically clean airframe the model has a surprising shallow glideslope.
    Still racer features carbon-reinforced fiberglass fuselage, polystyrene/balsa wing, structural elevator with carbon
    spar and leading edge and therefore is agile and break-resistant enough to be capable of aerobatics.
    Do you want to race with your friends and don't want to invest a lot of money in speed specials?
    Then the STILL Racer is your choice!
    This model is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

    The kit contains:

    Light fiberglass fuselage reinforced with carbon
    One-piece polystyrene-balsa wing with ailerons, locally reinforced with fiberglass, all covered with Oracover®
    Light structural balsa elevator with carbon spar and leading edge, covered with Oracover®
    Vinyl cnc cut stickers in the carbon imitation design
    Top quality accessories (servo covers, servo mount, rods, ending ties, control horns, tape for sticking flaps, fiberglass motor mount,..)
    Complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations

    Wingspan: 1000 mm
    Lenggth: 700mm
    Flying weight: approx. 650-750g
    Wing area: 13,4 dm2
    Wing loading: 48,5-56,0 g/dm2
    RC functions: ailerons, elevator, motor

    Recommended RC equipment - NOT INCLUDED:

    2 micro servos for ailerons (Hitec HS-65MG or HS-5055MG)
    1 micro servo for elevator (eg. DYMOND D60)

    Motor: ø28mm brushless Inrunner eg MEGA ACn 16/25/2
    Controller: brushless 45-55A
    Spinner: ø 30
    Propeller: Graupner CAM SPEED PROP 12x12 cm (4,7 x 4,7")
    Flight battery: 3S LiPol 2000 - 2400mAh min. 20C

    Recommended for experienced pilots only
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