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Bird of Prey Electro ARF 156 cm Kavan

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Bird of Prey Electro ARF 156 cm Kavan
  • Bird of Prey Electro ARF 156 cm Kavan
  • Bird of Prey Electro ARF 156 cm Kavan
54 990 Ft
Bird of Prey Electro ARF 156 cm Kavan


Wing Span 1565 mm / 61.61 in.
Length 980 mm / 38.58 in.
Flying Weight ca. 950 g / 33.5 oz.
Wing Loading ca. 39 g/dm² / 12.8 oz/sq.ft.

You still need:
RaNut Required 4-Channel, Micro Receiver,
3 Mirco Servos (as of 13g - best with MG)
  • Bird of Prey Electro ARF 156 cm Kavan



    Watching a bird fly awakens the imagination of many; "what would it be like to fly like a bird", model airplane pilots come close and owners of a "Bird of Prey" even closer. Bird of Prey Model Airplane
    Bird of Prey Model Airplane
    Using KAVAN's new powerful K-DF 55 EDF system you quickly gain altitude. Silently you circle inside the thermal and then like lightning you speed up the "Bird of Prey" to do all the aerobatics that make even buzzards and kestrels jealous.
    Because of the high-performance airfoil HN1033 it is possible to fly either extremely slow or with experience extremely quick; this makes the "Bird of Prey" an all-arounder that even an aileron beginner can handle. With the balanced wing loading a hand launch is easy, no complicated Bungee required, and with the EDF you can also fly fast.

    The ARF includes sturdy obeche wood covered foam wings, a light weight white fiber glass fuselage, an illustrated assembly manual, decals and high quality hardware.
    Controls: Elevator, Ailerons and Motor
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