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SIG Citabria 1753mm Balsa KIT - SIG

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SIG Citabria 1753mm Balsa KIT - SIG
60 490 Ft
SIG Citabria 1753mm Balsa KIT - SIG
  • SIG Citabria 1753mm Balsa KIT - SIG

    Ideal for Sunday Flying or Sport Scale Competition

    The Citabria can certainly be called this generation‘s barnstormer. Introduced in the early 1960s by Champion Aircraft Corp. as a sporty alternative for private pilots who wanted something different than an all-metal "nosewheel airplane". It was a direct descendant of the venerable Aeronca Champ. Sport fliers fell in love with the Citabria because, even though it had more horsepower and new aerobatic capability, it is still a sweet flying Champ at heart.

    This scale model of the Citabria flies just as good as the original! Its big flat-bottomed wing makes it easy and gentle to fly.

    Loops, rolls, hammerheads, Immelmann turns and spins are all part of its aerobatic routine.
    With the exact scale outlines of a post-1974 Citabria the SIG kit features rugged balsa/ply construction with precision die-cut parts.
    The sturdy one piece wing with wing struts and built up tail surfaces assemble quickly for a scale appearance.
    Complete hardware pack includes engine mount, aluminum landing gear, tail wheel assembly, molded plastic cowl and wheel pants, hinges, authentic decals, full-size plans, photo illustrated instruction, scale 3-view drawing, etc.

    Technical Specifications:

    Wing Span 1753 mm
    Wing Area 47.7 dm²
    Length 1194 mm
    Flying Weight 3175 g
    Radio Required 4 Channel
    Engine Required 5.7 - 8.2 cm³ (.35 - .50 in³) 2-Stroke
    7.4 - 10 cm³ (.45 - .61 in³) 4-Stroke


    Needed to complete (NOT INCLUDED):


    Engine (see specifications above)

    Propeller (see manual of your engine manufacturer)

    Servos: 2x standard size (20 x 40mm for rudder, elevator) + 3x mid-size (16 x 35 for ailerons + gas)

    Covering film: eg. Oracover - approx. 3,5 meter in total

    Radio system with min. 4 channels


    Recommended for the advanced modeller and pilot


    Link to SIG Citabria Manual (SIG Homepage)

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