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SIG SeaLane Hydroplane KIT

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SIG SeaLane Hydroplane KIT
36 300 Ft
SIG SeaLane Wasserflgzg. KIT
Producer/Distributor: SIG
Producer/Distributor item number: SIGRC85
  • SIG SeaLane Hydroplane KIT


    The SEALANE takes off and lands on water just as easy as the Sig Kadet LT40 does on solid ground.
    Gentle, graceful, sure footed. However, once the bond has been broken between plane and pond,
    the SEALANE roars to life with a performance not to be missed. Loops, rolls, inverted flight;
    all at your fingertips. Water handling characteristics are very positive, even in cross winds.
    It's the perfect choice for your first seaplane adventure. And although the SEALANE is no landlubber,
    there is an optional fixed landing gear design for adventures off water down at the local field.

    This assembly manual has been specifically sequenced to get your SEALANE assembled and into the air
    very quickly. We strongly suggest that you read through the manual first to get familiar with the various
    parts and their assembly sequences. The proper assembly and flying of this aircraft is your responsibility.
    If you are new to the sport/hobby of radio control,
    we urge you to seek the assistance of a qualified person to help you assemble this model airplane.
    If you do not understand a particular assembly step or sequence, do not guess - find qualified help and use it.

    Radio Equipment:

    The SEALANE requires a standard 4-channel radio system and four standard servos.
    We have used and can highly recommend both the Hitec™ and Airtronics™ systems.
    Both of these very affordable and reliable radio systems offer all the features you’ll need for this
    and the many other R/C aircraft in your future. For reference,
    this assembly manual shows the installation of a Hitec™ radio system with standard servos.
    The standard 6" aileron servo extension that comes with the radio system will be used
    but you will not need any additional radio accessories.

    Engine Selection:

    Engine choices for the SEALANE are many. The SEALANE has been designed to produce excellent performance
    when using the recommended engine sizes. Do not use an engine larger than recommended.

    2-stroke engines are a perfect choice to power your SEALANE.
    Any plain-bearing or bearing equipped .40 to .45 sport engine would be a good choice. For example,
    a great choice would be the Irvine .40 engine. Like all Irvine engines, the .40 is powerful, reliable,
    and quiet. Whatever engine you choose, take the time to carefully break it in according to the manufacturer’s
    instructions. A good running, reliable engine is a minimum requirement
    for the enjoyment of this or any R/C model aircraft.

    The SEALANE can also use a variety of 4-stroke engines. Any 4-stroke engine in the .40 - .50 displacement
    range should provide plenty of power. An important thing to remember is that typical 4-stroke engines
    have their throttle arms usually located differently than throttle arms on 2-stroke engines.
    If you want to power this model with a 4-stroke engine, you will likely have to install a new,
    relocated throttle cable tube. While this is not difficult, it is something to consider when choosing an engine.

    Covering Material And Waterproofing:

    Your SEALANE has been designed to be completely covered with any of the popular plastic iron
    on covering materials on the market. These covering materials are waterproof and by carefully overlapping
    the seams approximately 3/32", your SEALANE will be almost waterproof.

    The only place on the model where water can enter the fuselage is at the joint where the wing attaches.
    Our prototype models were made with relatively tight fitting wings, with no additional sealing,
    and very little water was able to enter the fuselage.

    Required Tools:

    A selection of glues:A selection of hand tools, such as:

    - Sig Thin CA
    - Sig Medium CA
    - Sig thin CA applicator tips
    - Sig Kwik-Shot Accelerator
    - Sig Epoxy Glue (15 Minute Working Time)

    A selection of hand tools, such as:

    - Regular size and miniature screwdrivers
    - Regular size and miniature pliers
    - Tweezers or small hemostats
    - Hobby knife with several new #11 blades
    - Sandpaper-assorted grits
    - Sig Modelers “T” pins
    - Drill Motor
    - 1/16” Drill Bit
    - 3/16” Drill Bit
    - 1/4” Drill Bit
    - Covering Iron
    - Wax Paper
    - Fuel Proof Paint
    - Small Paint Brush
    - Razor saw or Hacksaw blade
    - Pencil
    - Small 90° Square
    - Masking tape and Rubber bands
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