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Kill Switch for gas engines

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Kill Switch for gas engines
9 890 Ft
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Kill Switch for gas engines
  • Kill Switch for gas engines

    With this ignition switch you can turn off securely with your remote control the gasoline engine.
    The fiber-optic decoupling between the ignition and the remote control ensures proper isolation - therefore there can not be interferences.

    Product features:

    * Bright LED indicates when the ignition is switched on
    * Fibre optocouplers for input / output
    * Microprocessor control
    * Suitable for LiPo, Li-ion, A123, Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd
    * Input voltage up to 20 volts, 16 amperes, MosFet output
    * Low voltage to 3 volts 3 amps output
    * Low voltage drop - Less than 150mV
    * Weight: 8g
    * Dimensions: 35 x 17 x 7mm

    Note: This device is inserted into a free slot (channel) on the receiver. Please note that the ignition switch is not a voltage regulator !!! The full battery voltage runs through to the ignition !!!
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    Pichler Modellbau
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