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Tickets for Indoor Flying Events

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Tickets for Indoor Flying Events

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Tickets for Indoor Flying Events

Please print the webshop confirmation of your ticket purchase and bring it to the event. This serves as your entrance ticket.
No person is allowed to enter the event location without ticket!
Please read the below rules and regulations carefully. You accept these by purchasing this ticket. Do not pruchase if you do
not agree.

General terms & conditions:
- Tickets can be purchased in advance through the webshop or on spot.
- Pilot tickets – limited number available per event
- Visitor tickets – not limited - visitors are only allowed on the remain in the visitor area
- Event rules for pilots:
o All pilots to arrive min. 5 – 10 min. Prior to first heat for setup.
o Max. Plane weight: 500 g
o Max. Plane wing span: 150 cm
o Type of planes slow flyer, show flyer – NO PYLON RACERS! – electric motors only.
o Max. Helicopter weight: 100g
o Max. Helicopter size 150 – electric motors only.
o In case pilots fly MHZ remote controll, they need to get the flight managers approval for the used channel BEFORE the remote control is turned on
- Flying rules:
o Clockwise flying
o Pilots are to remain in the designated pilot area during flight
o Pilots entering the flying zone retrieving their plane/heli need to anounce this clearly to other pilots
o Heat schedule: 15 min planes – 5 min heli – 15 min planes – 5 min heli .....
o Max. Number of helis or planes druing each heat: 5 helis or 8 planes
o Max. 5 /15 minutes flying time
o Flight Manager announces end of heat 1 minute in advance before end of heat as well as 30 seconds before end. Pilots are to land latest after the 2nd announcement.
o The flying over of the visitor area or pilot area is prohibited! Doing so might lead to disqualification of the pilot for the event.
o Flight Manager may interrupt any heat in case of accidents by 3x very short signals – any pilot need to land his plane/heli immediately.
o Flight Manager has the right to inspect planes/helis in order that these are below the stipulatemax. Size and weight.
o Flight manager has the right to disqualify too large or heavy planes/helis from the event.
o Fligth Manager is NOT responsible to check the air worthiness of planes/helis. This is the sole responibility of the pilots!

- Tickets purchased for any event can not be refunded in case of pilots absence/no show.
- In case events are cancelled – pilots will be advised and tickets will be rescheduled for other events.
- Pilots are flying at their own risks – any damages to the location, goods or persons need to be born and paid soley by the pilot involved in the incident. We recommend that each pilot has an insurance.
- All house rules of the event location need to be observed by all participants.